Opposition can pull a lion, not a rabbit, from its hat

Realizing that the elections are not a piece of cake this time, Tayyip Bey takes rabbits on top of rabbits out of his hat in order to win the voters he lost, to consolidate his mass and to be re-elected. Did you say a raise in the minimum wage? Let’s give 54.5 percent. Is 25 percent less for civil servants and pensions? Come on, five more points from me! Agricultural loan, support to tradesmen, student scholarships, EYT rights that he said “I can’t give even if I lose the election”? When the elections are approaching and he sees his shoes tied, the Reis has put his hand in the pocket of the state, that is, actually in our pocket.

However, the rabbits in Erdogan’s hat are about to run out. I don’t know if teachers who can’t be appointed after EYT members come to the agenda, I wish they did! My guess is that a few stale carrots were left to the Kurdish voters, and a promise of amnesty to thieves, molesters, child abusers, drug dealers, second-class gang members, and to those who evaded taxes and corrupted in one way or another. In fact, his partner Bahçeli had already got the mafia magnates and gang leaders out of jail.

The rabbits are gone, now the snakes in the hat are coming out one by one: liquidation of strong opponents in one way or another, regulations that will enable all kinds of election fraud, silencing of opposition through the judiciary and the media, censorship laws, conspiracy lawsuits… One of the most poisonous snakes in the hat is the closure of the HDP, leading the way. banning more than 400 HDP politicians from politics. Another snake is the elimination of potential presidential candidates or vexing opponents by immoral and unlawful methods, SADAT or similar structures with criminal ploys.

What’s in the hat of the Table of 6 opposition?

Six Table parties announce some promises one by one and publish texts jointly from time to time. However, we have not been able to hear clear, clear and exciting common promises addressed to the masses until today. Four months before the elections, we haven’t seen the hat or the rabbits yet, apart from the long texts announced. You know, the indecisive and unexcited ones that are always mentioned… Their expectation is not draft constitutions, road maps, long partnership protocols, but concrete and convincing promises on issues that touch their lives.

Erdogan took the promises of the opposition, especially Kılıçdaroğlu, voiced in pieces for a long time, and stuffed them into his hat, and when the time came, he took them out one by one and threw them in front of the voters, saying, “They say, we do.” The man is head over heels, he uses the resources of the government and the resources of the treasury to the fullest, but the opposition has no such opportunity. Even if he promises to give tenfold when he comes to power, what is seized today is stronger than the promise of tomorrow in the eyes of the people.

The opposition has a lion, not a rabbit, in its hat, but…

I think the opposition, which panicked as Erdogan pulled rabbits, is not aware of the lions in their hands. Rabbits increase votes by a few points, but lions win elections.

The biggest challenge is to agree and urgently announce a common candidate around which at least 60 percent of the electorate will rally. Table of 6 is not enough, I’m talking about a candidate who will get the approval of the entire opposition and the majority of the electorate. For this, the 6’s must first put aside the quarrel, the appearance of distrust, and ideological stubbornness and compromise with the HDP on the basis of principles (which is not difficult at all, it is enough to put the country’s interests above the party’s interests). In the face of a candidate determined in this way, neither the rabbits nor the snakes of Tayyip Bey will have any power. A candidate that will be agreed upon by the 6-Member Table and the Labor and Freedom Alliance and will be resolutely embraced, creates excitement and hope in the masses with the mobilization of the social opposition.

It’s time to propose a general political amnesty

In these days when the essentials of right, law and justice are not read, the opposition has an important trump card, and if we continue the analogy, another lion: the general political amnesty proposal.

The mafia bosses, criminal organization chiefs, drug gangs were released with special execution laws and various deceptions; There are more than one hundred thousand political prisoners and convicts in prisons and detention centers in this environment where murderers of women, child abusers and the scumbag are brought out. He was criticized for being a Kurd, being a young person, being a journalist, being a journalist, writing, drawing, speaking, or criticizing because he was “affiliated with terrorism”, because he was a FETO member, because he was a member of HDP or another organization, because he was a Geziist, just because he was an opponent. Tens of thousands of people are inside. There are also tens of thousands of KHK members who were dismissed from their jobs, thrown out of society, and turned into “living dead” in their own words, by the arbitrary decrees of Tayyip Bey during the OHAL period.

Not just for election anxiety, not for votes; Political amnesty can also be the first step in overcoming the separation and confrontation in the society that has lost the sense of common life. If the amnesty proposal is completed with the proposal that the cases of those convicted in conspiracy cases and those who are in danger of being sentenced to be heard again before an independent judiciary, the Republic can start its second century with the hope of right and justice.

If the opposition does not take the lead, the one who takes the horse will again pass Üsküdar.

You will see; Shortly before the elections, Erdogan will shake the fishing line of amnesty. As I tried to say above, this will be a practice that does not include political – more precisely, arbitrary – prisoners/convicts. Thus, a real general/political amnesty will also fall off the agenda. Therefore, the opposition should not delay in bringing the issue to the agenda.

The CHP Chairman has spoken of amnesty several times in the last few words. In the first, he said something like “Those who are outside the Anti-Terror Law”, and finally, “It is true that wide-ranging amnesties are on our agenda. Some of them are license, registration, debt, education, equivalence amnesties, Bağkur registration amnesties. A clean start to the second century of the Republic as citizens, commercially and professionally. will do,” he said.

But will the citizen remain politically “contaminated” while being commercially and professionally cleansed? Doesn’t Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu know that almost all of those who are tried or convicted for political reasons are on trial for the well-known article of the Anti-Terror Law, which considers all kinds of oppositional discourse and criticism, anti-war, human rights defense to be related to terrorism? If he knows, is the reason for not bringing political amnesty to the agenda, as usual, because of the fear of intimidating the mule maker, or because the 6 Table’s cries of state-worshipping and Kurdish-phobic members?

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, it is time to declare a political amnesty, which will be instrumental in embracing the society, and to restore the rights and dignity of those who were victimized by the emergency decree laws. The opposition should not offer the fake amnesty rabbit to Erdogan. It should lead a real amnesty that will include especially politicians and find a response in the conscience of the society.

Such a promise, which means paying the state’s/power’s apology debt to the victims, not an amnesty, is a much stronger and more valuable lion than Erdogan’s rabbits, and it is the first step of getting halal.

Who is Oya Baydar?

Oya Baydar was born on July 3, 1940, in Istanbul / Kadıköy, as the daughter of an officer father (Ahmet Cevat Baydar) and Behice Hanım, one of the first teachers of the Republic. Creating a specific effect with his candid attitude that did not spare his critical view towards the structures he was in during the years of political struggle; The author, whose opinions, criticisms and suggestions are followed by all quarters, graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French High School for Girls.

His literary life was mainly written when he was a 17-year-old high school student and serialized in the Hürriyet newspaper. Hope Road cast in the novel. by Françoise Sagan Bonjour Tristesse Influenced by the novel, this novel was renamed by the newspaper. The Man My Heart Seeks It was published under the name of “Baydar,” as a very young writer, in the advertisements in the newspaper.Turkey’s SaganBaydar did not publish this novel, which remained on the newspaper pages, as a book.

In 1960, when he was in his senior year of high school -which also caused him to be expelled from school- God Forgets Children He published his novel. Baydar’s second novel Age of War Age of Hope (1963), nearly 40 years after its first publication, in 2010 The Age of War The Age of Hope: A Twenty Years Diary republished under the name.

After these three novels, one of which remained on the pages of Hürriyet newspaper and the other two were published in book form, Oya Baydar did not write a literary work for nearly 30 years, which passed in journalism and political struggle.

He went to Paris with the royalties he received from his novel, which was serialized in the Hürriyet newspaper, where he communicated with socialist circles. With the effect of the communication he established in Paris, he decided to study sociology.

He graduated from the Department of Sociology at Istanbul University, which he entered in 1960, in 1964. In the same year, he entered the sociology department as an assistant and “The Birth of the Working Class in TurkeyHe started his doctoral thesis on “. After his doctorate thesis was rejected twice by the University Professors Board, the students occupied the university to protest this event. This event was the first university occupation action in Turkey.

He became a member of the Workers’ Party of Turkey (TIP) in 1966. For a while, he studied statistical methods in social sciences at Columbia University in the USA. Between 1969 and 1970, he worked as an assistant in the Department of Sociology at Hacettepe University.

In the 1960s, when social mobility rose and Turkey met with socialist thought and organization, he left literature altogether and turned to research on socio-political structure and became active in the socialist movement. He was among the founders of the journal Theory and Practice for the Socialist Party (1970-71).

He was arrested and expelled from the university for being a member of the Turkish Teachers’ Union (TÖS) and the Turkish Workers’ Party (TIP) during the military coup of March 12, 1971.

In this period New Environment and Policy He worked as a columnist in newspapers (1972-79). With his wife Aydın Engin and Yusuf Ziya Bahadinlı Principle He founded the magazine and participated in the founding of the Socialist Workers Party of Turkey (TSIP).

About 30 lawsuits were filed against him in relation to his articles, under Articles 312, 142 and 159 of the former Turkish Penal Code. He could not return to Turkey from Germany, where he was during the military coup of September 12, 1980, and lived as a political immigrant in Frankfurt / Germany for 12 years. During these years, he was found in various European countries, in the Soviet Union, in Moscow.

Baydar returned to Turkey in 1992 after years of exile. The joint publications of the History Foundation and the Ministry of Culture.Istanbul Encyclopediain “editor,”Turkish Trade Union EncyclopediaHe worked as the editor-in-chief.

He won many awards with his stories and novels published one after another in the literature he returned to. Goodbye Alyosha 1991 Sait Faik Story Gift, Cat Letters 1993 Yunus Nadi Novel Award with his book, Warm Ashes Left 2001 Orhan Kemal Novel Award with his novel, Judas Gatewith the 2004 Cevdet Kudret Literature Award, General of the Dumpster With his novel, he won the 2009 Dünya newspaper’s copyright book of the year award at the TÜYAP Book Fair.

In 2011, he was awarded the “Mediterranean Culture Award” given by the Italian Carical Foundation. Return to Nowhere Oya Baydar was awarded with her novel.

Warm Ashes Left He also won the France / Turkey Literature Award in 2016 with his novel.

Founder and spokesperson of the Turkish Peace Initiative in 2001, he is also a member of the PEN Writers’ Union.

Oya Baydar, whose books have been published in 23 languages, has been writing columns on T24 since her foundation and continues to write in Istanbul and Marmara Island.



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