Operation Victor Nelson! | NTVSpor.net

Victor Nelsson, who came to the agenda seriously after Sevilla’s offer at the beginning of the season, after the clubs could not agree on monetary issues. in Galatasaray was left. The Yellow-Red management made a surprise move on the Danish star, one of the team’s most stable names so far.

According to the news in the Calendar, the management has started working to extend the contract of Nelsson, who was transferred from Copenhagen for 7 million Euros last season. It was also learned that the manager of the young star was called to Istanbul and face-to-face meetings will be held in the coming days.

The goal of the Galatasaray management is to eliminate the 25 million Euro release fee from Nelsson’s current contract. It is estimated that many offers will come to the club in the interim transfer period after a possible good performance of the star football player, who will appear in the World Cup with the Danish National Team at the end of November.


The administration aims to prevent a possible separation by removing the release fee. It was also learned that if a new contract is made to Victor Nelsson, who currently has a guarantee fee of 1 million Euros, the salary will be reduced to 1.5 million Euros. The Danish defender, who stayed on the field for 630 minutes in 7 official matches this season, once again demonstrated his quality with his leadership qualities and performance.