Operation in Syria still an option

Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim KalinTurkey’s “according to the level of threat exposed” operation in Syria “still an option on the table” stated that.

Sözcü Kalın met with a group of foreign media representatives, including the French AFP news agency, in Istanbul and explained Ankara’s views on the international agenda. After Turkey and Syria entered the normalization period, Presidential Spokesperson Kalın “military operation” description has arrived.

VOA in Turkish to the news According to the war in Ukraine “neither Russia nor Ukraine will win” Stating that Turkey wants to be a mediator for peace, Kalın said that if general peace is not possible, “localized ceasefires” announced that they will work to achieve it.

İbrahim Kalın also spoke about the Turkish veto on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO. “Turkey is running out of time to approve Sweden and Finland’s bids for NATO membership before the elections, which are expected to be held in May.” he also added.

President of Syria Bashar Assad‘s President and AKP Chairperson Recep Tayyip ErdoganAfter Turkey’s request to end its operations in northern Syria to meet with Ibrahim Kalin, “Operation is still an option on the table, depending on the level of threat we face” The statement drew attention.