Operation by TAF in northern Iraq: 140 km depth was entered

At the press conference held in Şırnak, Minister Akar reminded that the new era of counter-terrorism started with the operation in İkiyaka Mountains on July 24, 2015.

Stating that they are determined to save the noble nation from the scourge of terrorism, Akar said, “The terrorist organization PKK/YPG is never the representative of our Kurdish brothers.” he said.

Emphasizing that the terrorist is almost their target, Akar said, “We respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty rights of all our neighbors, especially Iraq and Syria. Syrians, Iraqis, our brothers. We have no problem with them. Our issue is with terrorists. We are after terrorists. The latest terrorist. This struggle will continue until they are neutralized.” used the phrases.

Noting that Pençe Kilit, the last of the Claw operations, continued with great success, determination and determination, Akar said, “The Turkish Armed Forces entered 140 kilometers with an air operation two days ago. hit it with great success and destroyed it.” gave the information.

Stating that the commandos entered the places called “inaccessible” one by one, Akar said:

“Whether it is the PKK in the north of Iraq or the YPG in the north of Syria, they are all the same, they are terrorists. These are traitors and scoundrels who threaten the security, unity and solidarity of our 85 million citizens. Turks and Kurds are brothers. Turks and Kurds have been making their bread for centuries. They shared together, they founded and revived this homeland together. We are one, together, with one fist, with one heart. We founded this homeland together, we defended it together. We put our lives shoulder to shoulder. Let’s be aware of this. Let’s be aware of what the terrorists couldn’t do on the ground, by bringing strife among us, to disrupt our unity. There are employees. We need to be careful about this.”

Akar, who also gave a message of determination in the fight against terrorism, said, “No matter who supports the terrorists, no matter who is behind them, our struggle will continue with an offensive spirit, with an increasing violence and tempo.” he said.

Minister Akar also noted that the TAF, in all its activities, both in the planning and execution phases, shows the sensitivity that no army shows in order not to harm civilians, historical, religious, cultural structures and the environment.