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Spor Toto Super LeagueOn Saturday, October 1, in the 8th week of Galatasaray coach in Adana team that will face with Montellamade statements to members of the press before training.

Stating that they continue to work to remain a leader, Montellastated that they are in a place they deserve in the ranking.

Explaining that they proved that they deserved the leadership in every game they played, the Italian coach said, “This needs to continue. Since we are in an unusual place, our feet must always be on the ground. We need to reflect the team spirit, desire and desire we have shown so far in every game. “They will face us with difficulties in the game. We have to be prepared for all this. We want to repeat everything we have done so far and finish at the point we want.” said.

Galatasaray Pointing out that all the tickets for the match were sold, Montella said, “We are very happy for our president, the fans and our club. When we started this path together, our fans have never stopped supporting us, they have shown that they are with us even in difficult times. I am really happy for our president and our club. Galatasaray The fact that we finished all the tickets immediately before the match is an indication of this. We will do our best to continue like this. I am proud to be the head of this team. Teachers come and go, and the character of the person remains.

MontellaEmphasizing that the club management takes the transfer requests into account and works in this direction, “Obviously, I am a little more satisfied this year. We can say that the club has made profits as a result of the work we have done. Maybe they should make a little less effort on the total salary payment this year. Our club. I am glad that it has come to this point. I conveyed my demands and they did the necessary work.” made a statement.

Stating that Nigerian left winger Henry Onyekuru got over his injury and started working, he will be ready until the match day. Montella“I think we will win Onyekuru again. Rakitskiy will not be able to play due to a red card. I don’t think we are playing without a striker. It looks like we are playing without a striker in the static characteristics, but Onyekuru is a striker rather than a winger. I think we have shown everyone how offensive we can be.” said.