One after another attack in Ukraine! More than 120 missiles were fired by Russia

Ukrainian authorities today Russia He stated that his army targeted different regions with a total of 120 missiles. It was learned that 3 people were injured in the explosions and at least 2 houses were damaged due to missile fragments dropped.

“More than 120 missiles were fired by Russia over Ukraine to destroy critical infrastructure and kill civilians en masse,” said Podolyak, an adviser to President Zelenski.

In the continuation of his sharing, Podolyak criticized Russia’s statements within the scope of the ‘peace negotiation’ with a sarcastic language. “We are waiting for more proposals on a peaceful solution, security guarantees for the Russian Federation,” Podolyak said.


on the other hand UkraineStatements regarding the missile attacks came from the governors of the cities of Odessa and Kyiv. Kyiv Governor Oleksiy Kuleba announced that air raid sirens sounded and air defense systems were working.

16 Missiles Dropped

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a statement that 16 missiles launched into Kiev were destroyed by the air defense system.

In another statement he made today, Klitschko stated that there were explosions at different points in the city. Klitschko warned the people of Kyiv about power cuts and asked them to charge phones and other devices.

Mayor Klitschko stated that 40 percent of the people living in Kiev were without electricity after the attacks and that the teams started work to repair the lines.

21 Missiles Dropped in ODESA

Ukraine’s Odessa Governor Maksim Marchenko stated that a large-scale missile attack was launched against Ukraine and announced that 21 missiles were shot down in Odessa. Noting that the missile fragments hit a building, Marchenko stated that there were no injuries in the incident.