Omar Elabdellaoui, who left Galatasaray: ‘The new director wanted me to go’

Galatasaray‘s unilaterally terminated his contract shortly before the end of the transfer period. Omar Elabdellaouigave an interview to the Norwegian press.


The 30-year-old right-back, who was left without a club and is currently training with the Norwegian team Lillestrom, for the situation he lives in Galatasaray, “I spoke to the club and the coach ahead of the season and said I had a few offers. They told me that I was not going anywhere and that I would stay in the team. Then I told my manager that I would stay at Galatasaray. I had a contract for one more year and was comfortable. Before the transfer window was over, the new director came and told me that I needed to find a club. Then, about 3 weeks ago, when I spoke to the coach, the situation was completely different.” said.


Saying that he wants to continue his football career and play, Omar expressed that he is not worried about finding a new club and said, “Considering I rejected at least 3 clubs, I’m not worried about finding new clubs. There were 3 contract offers with high salaries, but that’s not the point. I’ll see what opportunities I have and then make a decision. I’m not stressed‘ he said.

The Norwegian football player gave the names of two of the 3 clubs he rejected, and these teams Dynamo Moscow and EEC said that.