Okan Buruk will shoot Jorge Jesus with his own gun


Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk, who was specially prepared with his team for the Fenerbahçe derby to be played tomorrow, determined the victory plan. The young coach plans runs behind the defense, focusing on Jorge Jesus’ offside tactic.

Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk is determined to increase his 6-game winning streak in the league to 7 away games against Fenerbahçe.

The successful trainer, who started tactical rehearsals in Florya, builds all his plans on victory. Taking into account the latest situation of his team and analyzing Fenerbahce’s pros and cons together with his team, Buruk made several different trials in the squad.

Trying every formula

It is stated that Okan coach, who uses Gomis, Barış and Icardi alternatives especially at the forward end, is preparing to surprise both on the wings, in the midfield and at the backs. Playing Gomis first in Cim Bom’s training yesterday, Buruk tried Kerem, Mertens and Barış behind the striker and cut Rashica.

Torreira and Oliveira served together in the midfield. While Boey and Aanholt were playing at fullback, Nelson and Abdulkerim were in the center of the defence, and Muslera was in the castle. For Rashica to play in the 11th, Berkan should be preferred in the midfield. Buruk also experimented with this change.


Okan, who also thought of Fenerbahce’s plan to hang behind the defense due to the offside tactic by setting up the defense in the front, also tried Barış and Mertens instead of Gomis at the forward end. In addition, the possibility of Kerem, who undressed as a substitute in the Ankaragücü match, started the derby at the club again, and that Barış would play on the left, Rashica on the right, and Berkan playing in the midfield instead of Torreira. Dubois played for a part of the training match instead of the formless Aanholt at left-back.