Okan Buruk found the formula of Juan Mata!

Juan Mata, who Galatasaray joined from Manchester United without paying a testimonial fee, impressed everyone with his performance in the friendly match against Istanbulspor. The football of the Spanish star, who plays in the number 10 position, also caused a change in the plans of Coach Okan Buruk.


Yellow-red coach Okan Buruk decided to go to a new setup in the midfield because the 34-year-old star football player showed a ready image. The mastermind of this template will be Mata, who immediately demonstrates his quality with his game wit and classy passes. Okan Buruk will assign the Spanish star, who draws attention with his classy services to attacking players, in the number 10 position behind the striker. Burruk is considering Belgian star Dries Mertens in a position where he will be more effective.

According to this, Mauro Icardi, who does not seem completely ready yet, will wait in the cabin for a while. The Belgian striker will be the team’s goal leg at the far end. While Mertens’ ability to play on the wing strengthens the hand of technical boss Okan Buruk, in this case, one of the Kerem Aktürkoğlu and Yunus Akgün duos will be abandoned. He will make choices on the wings according to the bitter rivals and the form status of the national players.