Obamas on their way to the White House

Former President of the USA Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obamawill visit the White House for the unveiling of official White House portraits, symbolizing the return of the Washington tradition last celebrated 10 years ago.

The ceremony will be held in the East Hall, where Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to current President Joe Biden in 2017.

The portraits, which will hang in the White House for decades to come, are the portraits of then-President Obama in 2012. George W. Bush and Laura Bush These are the first official portraits to be added to the White House Collection since the emotional and bipartisan inauguration ceremony for

No ceremony held during the Trump era

While there is no strict rule about when a White House portrait should be unveiled, ceremonies are usually held immediately by the former president’s successor. Claiming that Obama wasn’t born in the US before he won the 2016 election “birther” supporter of the movement Donald TrumpDuring his presidency, no ceremony was held for the Obama portraits.

President of the White House Historical Society (WHHA), which funded the creation of the portraits Stewart McLaurin In a statement to CNN, “Covid-19 pandemic is a factor in delaying portrait opening ceremony” told.

McLaurin, “Former President Trump and former first lady Melania Trump are in the ‘starting stages’ of the portrait process” he also added.

Portraits removed from storage

The last two sets of presidential portraits are traditionally placed in the White House’s Hall of the Cross; but Trump, Bush and Bill ClintonHe chose to put his portraits in a warehouse after disagreements with both families.

Although the portraits of Bush and Bill Clinton were repositioned in the Hall of the Cross during the Biden era, it is thought that Clinton’s portrait may be repositioned after the new Obama portrait takes place on the stage.

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