Nuclear weapons warning from USA to Russia: The result will be catastrophic

Nuclear weapons warning from USA to Russia: The result will be catastrophic

According to the news of Euronews; “If Russia crosses the line, it will have disastrous consequences for Russia,” US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on NBC.

Commenting on the implicit “nuclear threat” of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his television speech in which he declared mobilization, Sullivan stated that “the United States privately conveyed to Moscow exactly what this means.”

Sullivan also added that the United States is in frequent and direct communication with Russia, including the recent discussions on the situation in Ukraine and Putin’s actions and threats.

Stating that Putin’s “intention to wipe the Ukrainian people off the map” continues, Sullivan said, “That’s why we have to continue with weapons, arsenal, intelligence and whatever support we can offer as long as he continues.”

Ukraine asked nuclear powers to raise their voices
Aiming to ensure its participation in Russia by holding a referendum on the occupied territories in Ukraine, Moscow announced that it would see attacks on these lands as an attack on Russia, and announced that such a situation would be a reason for Russia’s self-defense, including the use of nuclear weapons.

Declaring mobilization for the first time since the Second World War, Putin said, “I would like to remind those who use aggressive rhetoric against Russia that this country has various weapons, some of which are more modern than those of NATO countries. If our territorial integrity is threatened, Russia will use all available means, This is not a bluff.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dymitro Kuleba described these threats as “irresponsible and absolutely unacceptable” and shared on his social media account that “Ukraine will not surrender. It should raise their voices to all nuclear powers and clearly tell Russia that such a rhetoric will endanger the world and will not be tolerated”.