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Monday, September 5, 2022

Akbank I have always appreciated the staff.

He always works hard and strives to provide a service worthy of the brand.

We’ve seen this many times. When there was a system crisis, those people worked like heroes.

Akbank has also placed more value on its personnel recently.

Especially the General Manager Hakan BinbasgilWith the sensitivity of , salary regulations have always been ahead of the sector.

Hakan Binbaşgil is a manager who takes care of every problem from the meal price to the happiness of the staff.

Hakan Binbaşgil is also a good banker. He smells the market well and makes good moves.

For example, giving interest-free loans to Akbank customers on mobile caused an explosion of customers. It both increased its mobile customers and brought new customers in.

Hakan Binbaşgil made his last move with a retired promotion race. Retirement promotion in a surprise 7 thousand 500 Tens of thousands of retired people queued up in front of Akbank branches the next morning.

There were customers who fainted at temperatures reaching 40 degrees in some provinces. The one who gets sick and fights over the queue.

This is where Akbank’s excellent staff came into play again.

The security at the gate organized and entertained people inside the branch.

Akbank personnel did not even go out to lunch, serving this crowded customer.

As a result, the campaign ended on August 31!

With this campaign, Akbank made nearly half a million pension gains. The exact figure is unknown, but bankers say it could be that much.

While all this was going on, the one who joined the race after Akbank Yapı Kredi Bank He gave credit card points worth 6 thousand liras to his hard-working staff. It was not enough, for motivation to every staff, including security and kitchen staff. 300 pounds lunch fee paid. He will pay this fee for two more weeks.

another bank Garanti BBVA.

As a small thank you to his staff for his retirement campaign 2 thousand 500 He wrote an emotional thank-you letter stating that he would pay a premium of Rs.

We are coming To Akbankers

Akbank personnel worked the most in this campaign. The busiest bank was Akbank…

However, Akbank has not yet given a penny of premium to these devoted people.

I would like to give very special information to the successful General Manager Hakan Binbaşgil:

For your information, Akbank staff have set their heart on you. They say that this time we want to ask the most frequently asked question to our general manager. “How is the person doing it?.. Or does our General Manager not like us?”


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