North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile Over Japan

Japan Ministry of Defense, North KoreaIt was reported that the ballistic missile launched by Turkey passed over the northeast of Japan and fell into the Pacific Ocean.

Japanese Defense Minister Hamada Yasukazu announced that the ballistic missile, which reached a maximum altitude of 1000 kilometers, hovered over the country for about 1 minute.

Hamada noted that the missile, which traveled about 4,600 kilometers through the northeast of the country, fell into the Pacific Ocean, 3,200 kilometers east of Japan.

Stating that no damage was detected to ships and aircraft navigating throughout the region in question, Hamada said the missile was estimated to be a ‘Hwasong-12 medium range ballistic type missile’.

The Kyodo agency reported that administrative authorities in the northernmost Hokkaido and northeastern Aomori provinces warned the public not to leave the buildings.

Cabinet Chief Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu confirmed that the missile was launched at 07:22 local time and fell into the sea outside Japanese national territorial waters at 07:44.

It was noted in the international press that the cruise time of 4,600 kilometers was the longest among medium or long-range missiles that North Korea had ever tried.