North Korea speaks to this girl: Is Kim Jong Un’s daughter appearing on TV for the first time?

In the images recently served by the North Korean state media North Korea It was claimed that the person who sang around leader Kim Jong Un was his only daughter.

According to the British Daily Mail, it was claimed that Ju-ae, her only daughter, was seen for the first time with Kim during the recently televised event.

The report stated that the other children at the event were jumping around excitedly, while the girl who was allegedly Ju-ae was “calmer” than the others.

If the little girl is confirmed to be Kim’s child, it will be the first time Ju-ae has been seen in public. Ju-ae is thought to have been born in 2013.

The outside world knows very little about the children of the North Korean leader.

According to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, in 2017, Kim and Ri Sol Ju’s third child was born.

Kim’s first son was born in 2010, while her youngest is thought to have been born in early 2017.

*The visuals of the news were served by the Associated Press.