North Korea launches two cruise missiles

North Korea launches two cruise missiles

According to the news of Reuters, after the start of the joint exercise of South Korea, the USA and Japan North Koreaannounced that it had launched a cruise missile.

It was also stated that South Korean and US military officials made analyzes about details such as flight distance. North Korea drew attention with the missiles it launched yesterday, just after the Seoul and Washington administrations made preliminary preparations for the “Ulchi Freedom Shield” exercise, which will be held between August 22 and September 1.


South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol reiterated at a press conference, marking his 100th day in office, that they are willing to gradually provide economic aid to North Korea if it ends nuclear weapons development and begins denuclearization.

The US Department of Defense noted that the US participated in missile warning and ballistic missile search-tracking exercises against North Korea on the Hawaiian coast between 8 and 14 August with the navies of South Korea and Japan, aiming to advance trilateral cooperation.

*Image of the news served by Associated Press.