North Korea enters the new year with missile test

Despite the United Nations Security Council resolutions and international sanctions, North Korea, which carried out 37 missile tests last year, entered the new year with a weapons test. Pyongyang reportedly launched a new short-range ballistic missile in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan.

While the South Korean General Staff announced that the missile, which was fired at 02.50 am from the Ryongsong region, fell into the sea after flying about 400 kilometers, Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada said that the missile, which reached an altitude of 100 kilometers, fell out of Japan’s exclusive economic zone after traveling 350 kilometers.

On the other hand, Japan North KoreaHe protested the last missile test of ‘ through the Japanese Embassy in Beijing.

In a written statement from the US Indo-Pacific Command, Pyongyang’s statement yesterday missile “The last test, along with three tests conducted less than 24 hours ago, demonstrates the destabilizing effect of Pyongyang’s illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile program,” it said.

The statement stressed that “Washington’s commitments to the defense of South Korea and Japan are unwavering.”