‘No to unipolar world’ message from Samarkand

President at the Shanghai Summit in Samarkand Erdogan and other leaders made speeches. took place last night Erdogan-Putin During the meeting, important agreements were signed. A photograph marked the summit. Erdogan’of, Putin’Body language and self-confidence in the conversation he had with the leaders, including Mr. Except for a few crackling voices Erdogan Even his opponents praised this photo. Erdogan’Those who covet instead should look at this photo again and again. Leadership is like that. It is not possible to become a world leader with the imposition of the 6-way table.
The most emphasized topic at the summit is “There will be no unipolar world” was in the direction. President of China Xi Jinping strongly underlined this issue. President Erdogan In his speech, he emphasized the importance of Turkey’s place between the West and the East, and said that our country allocates one percent of its gross national product to charity and charity works, and that it is the first in the world in this regard.

Erdogan After this summit, he will go to America to attend the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations. Yes, Turkey is neither in the East nor in the West. Turkey is in Turkey. Erdogan’All diplomatic activities of Turkey underline this fact.

six table Kilicdaroglu’Presidential candidacy shakes dreams. CHP Deputy Chairman Bulent Kuşoğlu said, “There is no one other than Kılıçdaroğlu. If the candidate is nominated, the table will fall apart. said. Kilicdaroglu Currently, it has received the support of HDP, which is the invisible leg of the six-table table. There are cracking voices in this regard, even within its own party, but HDP is completely behind it. Both sides are constantly reinforcing this situation with their rhetoric.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Good Party Meral Akşener, “Kılıçdaroğlu won’t happen” he doesn’t say but “Table nominate someone who can be chosen should show” says. This means: “Kılıçdaroğlu is a leader to be elected not.”

Kilicdaroglu If he can’t get himself accepted, there are two possibilities: First. “Ekmeleddin model”. The second is that each political party enters the election with its own candidate. Time will tell which one to decide. However Erdogan’Aren’t those who make election predictions that he will lose while his opponent is not yet known, aren’t they funny?


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