No show like this! Someone stop this disgrace…

The scene of bullying against two high school students under the age of 15 by their friends in the series Duy Beni, broadcast on Star TV, angered the audience. Now, the infamous foot fetish scene among young high school teenagers in the series has caused controversy.
Hear Beni, starring names such as Berk Hakman, Rabia Soytürk, Caner Topçu, Helin Kandemir, Burak Can, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Feride Çetin, Aytaç Uşun, Meltem Akçöl, Alper Atak and Bedia Ener, continues to produce controversial scenes that degrade the morals of the society and especially the youth. is doing.

The series, which includes obscene images of being bullied by two young people who are not in good financial condition and studying at a private school with a scholarship, and by other friends who do not want him at school, continues to corrupt the morals of young people.

Just for the sake of the rating, in the same series, the scene of the students being stripped and filmed in public was shown in the past months, and these images caused reactions on the grounds that they could mean sexual abuse of minors. It has been argued for a long time that it is an obvious crime to have thousands of people watch criminal acts under the name of a movie scene, even if they have consented in the sense of criminal law on social media. and “Do the screenwriters realize what they’re doing?” With his comments, RTÜK was taken into consideration.

In the last episode of the series in question, images of an infamous ‘foot fetishism’ near porn caused a new controversy. The character of Melisa, known for her tyrannical character and daughter of the owner of the school in the series, dresses another student in her shoes. The long-term foot-stroking footage on the scene sparked the reaction of the audience, accompanied by comments that “Young people who marry with the consent of their families are put in prison because of their underage, while young people are officially exposed to sexual abuse under the name of the TV series”. Many users asked, “Why is there such a foot scene in a high school drama?” made comments.

The Turkish Penal Code defines it as a crime for minors under the age of 15 to be at the center of sexual acts, even with their consent. In the series, it is aimed to degrade the morality of the youth by making them watch thousands of people under the name of “art” under the name of “film”, to expose minors aged 14-15 in high school to acts that would be considered sexual abuse.

The decision of RTÜK on the serial that legitimizes sexual abuse and normalizes criminal harassment against minors is questionable.


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