No one can put pressure on me to do what I say.

WALL – Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu said, “These are reasonable statements. No one is not a notary public. No one can put pressure on me to do what I say. Alliances can happen within the alliance,” said IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener’s statement that “the six-table is not a notary public”.

Temel Karamollaoğlu answered Mustafa Yılmaz’s questions in the Agenda Turkey Program broadcast on TV5.


Karamollaoğlu stated that there has been no conflict in the Six Tables until today, “We need to make an alliance over the candidate with the highest chance of being elected. Hopefully there will be no problem here. Each political party leader will bring his own proposal. We will not talk about the candidate issue until the election date is announced. We may have different opinions. But if we can’t identify a candidate to be elected, all our work will be wasted. Considering the majority in the parliament, what kind of administration will we implement when the person we designate as the president wins the election? Today, we need to talk about this too,” he said.


Evaluating the statement of IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener that “the six-table is not a notary public”, Karamollaoğlu said, “These are reasonable statements while talking. Nobody is a notary. No one can put pressure on me to do what I say. These are brought up and discussed. Of course, there has to be a candidate who will win. We should discuss all these issues at the table and settle them. I did not see any objection in Akşener’s statements. Alliances can happen within the alliance, and it is beneficial to do so,” he said.

‘You rotted in the ring’

Karamollaoğlu also noted the following about the People’s Alliance:

“I am of the opinion that both Mr. Erdogan and the People’s Alliance have polluted Turkish political life. Slander, lies, insults. All their policies are built on this. They see no hesitation in slandering. They are not. An insulting person actually describes himself… They say, ‘The Alliance of Disgrace,’ you have rotted in the humiliation, you have disappeared. Those who adopt this approach will not prosper.”


Karamollaoğlu said that ‘Turkey cannot implement a personal foreign policy at the moment’ and continued his words as follows:

“Turkey is drifting. It can’t follow a personal foreign policy. Let’s think about the policies they followed 20 years ago, let’s think about today. There is a difference as a mountain. He agreed with the United States of America. We fought the war with Iraq. We supported the persecution in Iraq. The United States of America” We entered Syria because their state said to enter Syria. There is no other explanation for this. We could not put our ideals and principles into practice. We made the Israeli Prime Minister and President applaud in our parliament. And all the ideas we put forward remained in the air.

We could not implement a personal foreign policy. Why? Unfortunately, we do not have the power at the moment to implement a personal foreign policy. To be effective in foreign policy, of course, depends on acting in accordance with principles. You think.

In the middle of the 2000s, we imposed the Annan Plan on us to become a member of the European Union, we fought with the AK Party in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Rest in peace. We sent a delegation headed by Ms. Oya. They made an effort not to say yes to the Annan Plan. The government said, “This is our salvation.” In the end, the Greeks made a mistake in their own way, but they gave us that opportunity. Thus, there is a republic that they try to brag about today as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.” (NEWS CENTER)