News to Send a Paramedic from Turkey to Qatar for the World Cup

Turkey will send more than 3,000 police to support security operations at stadiums and hotels during the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar.

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In addition to the police, in order to provide Emergency Health Service, specialist physicians, paramedics, nurses, health officers and emergency medical technicians from various branches, especially emergency medicine specialists, will be sent from Turkey.

Ministry of Health officials went to Qatar last week and made investigations.

Turkish Medical Team to Qatar It will both take part in the matches and provide health services to other personnel on duty. Turkey to Qatar Ambulances belonging to 112 will be sent by plane.

up to 200 health personnel They will be assigned for 90 days as part of the World Cup to be held in November. Physicians will be paid $140 per day and paramedics will be paid $105 per day. They will also receive their salaries and additional payments here.

will go health personnel No announcement has been made for The ministry chose the personnel to go. The names to go have been determined.

source: this one staff health net news. News release date 28.09.2022 at 19:57