New statement from Feghouli, who complained about Galatasaray to FIFA


Regarding the accumulated receivables of Algerian football player Sofiane Feghouli, including bonuses per match, bonuses and house rent Galatasaray‘I FifaTurns out he had complained to .

After this news came out SportSpeaking to , Feghouli confirmed the news:

I tried very hard to collect my receivables in Galatasaray, we tried to find a solution with Dursun Özbek, but it was impossible. I saw that there were no economic problems during this transfer period. I told my lawyer to take whatever debt Galatasaray owes.


The 32-year-old football player, who was left without a club after leaving Galatasaray, shared the following on social media after the reactions he received about the complaint to FIFA:

My family sincerely love the club and I loved playing in front of the fans. I made lasting memories. Football is my passion and my profession. I’ve accepted delays for 5 seasons. I have demanded what is rightfully mine. I did not steal from anyone and did not charge interest. We won two trophies together, the respect must continue.