New statement from Ezhel, who said, ‘The capital of Kurdistan is Ankara, Istanbul’

‘Azhel’ Sercan İpekçioğlu, a rap artist known with his pen name, “The capital of Kurdistan is Ankara, it is Istanbul” His words were on the agenda on social media.

Here are the words of the famous name in a chat room on Twitter, which caused a reaction:

“The Greeks are already gone, the Armenians are already gone. If I and the Kurds leave, my heart will no longer stand. I defend Kurdistan and the thing of the Kurdish people, but I think the capital of Kurdistan is Ankara and Istanbul. I believe that somehow this issue will be resolved. I was also a fascist at the time. When I spoke Kurdish between two people on the bus, I got scabies. Because that’s how I was taught. I believe we will see good days.”


Ezhel stated that his words were taken to another place, “I repeat again knowing that you will not care about this flood. You cannot divide this country. Ankara is the capital of Kurdistan hands, which is a distinguished corner of our country. That’s what I mean, thank you. If you object to this, you are the separatist.” used his statements.

The targeting of Ezhel continued after this post. In the headlines opened in newspapers close to the government, some Twitter accounts and Ekşi Sözlük, heavy expressions were used against Ezhel.


Ezhel once again clarified his words on Twitter and shared a long flood series.

Stating that he is behind what he said, Ezhel used the following statements:

“I hope we can understand how much this feeling of hatred is an obstacle for a Turkey that loves each other, can experience all its colors and smiles. I was giving the same reactions to me. That’s why I don’t get angry with anyone. I still stand by what I say. I hope we understand how much of an obstacle this feeling of hatred is for a Turkey.

We do not realize that we are tearing our country apart because we fear that our country will be divided. We are afraid of words, languages, religions, thoughts and become aggressive. When we overcome these fears, peace will find us.”


“Your insults, words and threats adorn my heart like the medals I won for my country. But I am not angry with you. I was just like you. I am currently experiencing a mix of bad feelings that I have had over differences.

Not to be understood that I’m upset, to think that I want to divide the country, that I am a terrorist. And all I want is to unite the country, end terrorism, open our hearts to each other, and explain that we all need each other in these difficult times. to break our prejudices.”


“We, the Turkish people, must learn to speak freely about the things that touch our nerves. This will only make us stronger. We have forgotten to be a society. We have forgotten to love our neighbor. We have forgotten to listen. We have become weak by attacking each other.

I love you very much. We are a bright youth amid all this hatred and struggle for life. We deserve great things. If this is your grudge, I know your love can be very strong. I know you love our country. I am proud of you. With all of us.”

Ezhel was arrested on charges of ‘encouraging the use of drugs’ in his songs, later acquitted and settled in Germany.