New sibling shock to the spoiled Ferit of the Kingfisher! It turns out that his nickname is from Orhan!

A big shock to Ferit, the Kingfisher, who reflects the character of a rich and spoiled child who was brought up as a child! The place will move in the series. Look what happens in the following weeks of the series, which starts to take a different adventure every week.

In the past weeks, first Mine Tugay and then Fırat Çelik joined the cast of the series. As new names started to take place in the cast, the course of the script began to become even more intriguing. Viewers began to look forward to the new episodes to be broadcast!


Mine Tugay joined the series to revive the character of Defne. Ferit, who does not like the character of Defne at all, went crazy when Defne’s friend Efe was also included in the series and took care of his wife Seyran! Fırat Çelik gives life to the role of Efe in the series.



The character of Defne and Efe became a great excitement for the audience, who started to get bored with the monotonous story of the series. According to what we heard, the series will become more active in the following episodes and it will be revealed that Ferit’s father Orhan has a child with Defne. How will Ferit, who creates the image of a spoiled and rich snob in the eyes of the public, react to this situation after learning about his father’s relationship with İfakat, his aunt?