New CAATSA sanctions apply if you buy Russian aircraft

President Erdogan‘of, F-16 of warplanes USAAfter the evaluations that Turkey may turn to search for alternative aircraft in the event that it is not allowed to supply from US Department of StateExplanations came from.

An official from the US State Department told the Athens-based Hellas Journal, TurkeyIn case of purchase of Russian-made warplanes “could be subject to new CAATSA sanctions” argued.

US official, “rooted and valuable” a NATO stating that he is an ally “The supply of S-400 air defense systems directly contradicts the commitments of all Allies to reduce dependence on Russian equipment at the 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw” used the phrases.

Official, “We urge Turkey and all US partners and allies to refrain from purchasing Russian weapons and equipment in the future, including additional S-400 systems that provide revenue, access and influence to Russia.” said.

The official also CAATSA Noting that the sanctions will come into effect, “Such procurement transactions may be subject to CAATSA sanctions separately and in addition to those currently in effect” he said.


President Erdogan had announced that if the United States did not sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, Turkey would be able to procure warplanes from other countries.

Erdogan, “I hope that America does not lead us to different paths in this relationship. I mean in different ways, America is not the only place that sells warplanes in the world. England sells, France sells, Russia sells it, it is possible to obtain it from everywhere. There are people who give us signals for this.” he said.

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