New alliance formed to form government in Iraq

“New alliance” to form government in Iraq

To establish the government in Iraq, a new alliance was formed with the leader of the Sadr Movement, Muqtada es-Sadr, consisting of Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish and Christians, without Turkmens.

National Wisdom Stream (Shia) Press Spokesperson Fadi al-Shammari, which is within the Shiite Coordination Framework, said in a statement on his social media account that the Sovereignty Coalition and Perseverance Coalition representing Sunnis, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) announced the establishment of the “Alliance to Rule the State”, which also includes the Babiliyyun Coalition, representing Christians. Shammari also stated that the components in this alliance have signed a joint political agreement.

According to the news of AA; It is known that the prime minister candidate of this alliance is Mohammed Shia es-Sudani, a member of the Coordination Framework and former Minister of Labor.

The Iran-backed Shiite Coordination Framework includes the State of Law Coalition and Fatah Coalition, the Sadikun Group, the National Union of Forces Coalition and other Shiite political groups.


The Shiite political and religious leader Muqtada es-Sadr and Turkmens, who are distant to Iran, did not take part in the alliance.

The parliament, which has not been able to convene for about 2 months, is expected to meet this week and elect the president. The new president will also give the prime minister candidate the task of forming the government.

Although 11 months have passed since the general elections held on 10 October in Iraq, a government has not been formed yet.