Never appeared next to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle has been missing since December 7! Where did half of the inseparable duo go?

Harry and Meghan couple, who both want to avoid attention and do their best to attract attention, are now seen as spoiled, unconvincing and malicious. As the public’s love for them wanes, the echoes of the Harry & Meghan documentary and Harry’s biography Spare continue.


In his hit book Spare, Harry revealed all the royal secrets that happened behind closed doors at both Buckingham and Kensington Palace. While he was writing his life story that started with his own birth, the lines, some of which leaked out as gossip, and some of which he told for the first time from his own mouth and from his own point of view, raised the world, especially England.

When his father Charles himself was born, he told his mother Diana, “You gave birth to me an heir, now a substitute. Memories that started with her saying, “I’m done now,” extended to how she had her first sexual experience, when she went to William’s wedding when her genitals were about to freeze, when she had less sausages placed on her plate than her brother William’s.


The fact that Harry is William’s backup heir, being left behind in the family and the problems between him and his brother because of this attracted attention from the reader. However, his claims such as “They made me just in case my brother needed a spare organ or blood” in the book are now considered as ‘insanity’.

Whatever he tells from his book, as a result, Harry has received more attention than he hasn’t seen since childhood. He was a guest on numerous television programs before and after the book’s release; He kept telling the world about his endless troubles. However, there was a strangeness in all these promotional activities and after a while, everyone left the book and started talking about this situation.

Never seen next to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle missing since December 7 Where half of the inseparable duo went


Prince Harry’s beloved wife, Meghan Markle, was absent. He never appeared on Harry’s book tours, was not present on the shows he attended, did not stand next to him and hold his hand when he made any statements. However, this couple started to wander around like twins, and became famous for not being separated from each other and being seen together everywhere at any time.

Even Harry, the book spareHe paid homage to his wife, Meghan, in . So where was Meghan, Harry’s biggest supporter and indeed the cause of both the Harry & Meghan documentary and the Spare book?

Never seen next to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle missing since December 7 Where half of the inseparable duo went


The couple have not been seen together in public since they received the Robert F. Kennedy Wave of Hope Award for their work on racism and mental health on December 7 in New York. This is quite unusual for Harry and Meghan couple. Especially considering the emotional strain Harry has experienced in all the shows he has attended regarding his book, it is quite strange that Meghan is not there to support her husband, at least in this sense.

Penguin publishing house, which published the book, actually wants Harry to stand out and shine, but in fact, it is aware that Meghan appearing hand in hand with him will increase the sales of the book many times. But Meghan isn’t even present in the pre- and post-event footage and photos taken, let alone attending an event with Harry.

Never seen next to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle missing since December 7 Where half of the inseparable duo went


Royal commentators believe it was actually a thoughtful tactical move. When the two are together, they attack the royal more powerfully and garner attention, it’s a fact. However, in critical book promotions, it is thought that Meghan’s withdrawal is actually to dispel the “Harry is being manipulated by his wife” rhetoric.

It may have been thought that Harry, who was under a great attack because of the book, would be affected worse if Meghan appeared next to him. Another theory is that the move to take Meghan out of sight was specifically planned for other ventures that would offer the couple more lucrative opportunities.

Never seen next to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle missing since December 7 Where half of the inseparable duo went


Although some sources claim that Meghan had doubts about this memoir and disappeared because she did not support this idea much, it is known that there was no problem between the couple and they had a romantic holiday in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas for New Year’s Eve.

As such, the theories converge on the idea that Meghan has decided to stay away from her husband a little bit for the projects she wants to realize on her own. Meghan Markle‘ is known to chase deals with digital platforms, Spotify. Besides Prince HarryAccording to what , the unwanted bride herself is recording her memories and she is preparing to publish a book like her husband.

Never seen next to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle missing since December 7 Where half of the inseparable duo went


Royal sources cite this as an example of former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama’s successive books and their attempts to stand out on their own before that. It seems that Meghan is no longer investing in her husband Harry, but in investing in her own future. However, the same sources believe that Meghan, who loves the subject, can not stand this absence any longer and will emerge soon.