Netflix Turkey hiked membership fees

Due to the exchange rate increase, platforms operating in our country continue to increase their services. Netflix Turkey came to the fore with the second hike in 2022. Here are the new Netflix Turkey membership fees…

There are 3 different plans in the Netflix subscription system: Basic, Standard and Special. The Basic Plan, which is 26.99 TL in 2021, together with the April 2022 hike 37.99 TLhad risen to . The Special Plan, on the other hand, increased from 54.99 TL to 77.99 TL in the last hike period. Membership fees updated today, compared to last year 70.39 percent It increased.

Netflix Turkey hiked! New membership fees announced

in April 2022 37.99 TL Basic Plan, with the new raise 45.99 TLrose to . 57.99 TL If the Standard Plan is 69,99 TL as updated. Special Plan, which is the only subscription type that offers Ultra HD image quality, costs 77.99 TL. 93.99 TLincreased to .

Netflix has been on the agenda for a while with its advertising membership plan claims. The company, which has increased the membership fees, has not yet made a statement about the advertising membership plan.

Netflix alternative free platforms!

Netflix alternative free platforms!

We share free sites that can be an alternative to Netflix for people who do not want to pay for digital content platforms.

Current Netflix Turkey membership fees;

  • Basic Plan: 45.99 TL – Single device, 480p Resolution
  • Standard Plan: 69.99 TL – Two devices, 1080p Resolution
  • Special Plan: 93.99 TL – Four devices, 4K + HDR Resolution

Previous prices;

  • Basic Plan: 37.99 TL – Single device, 480p Resolution
  • Standard Plan: 57.99 TL – Two devices, 1080p Resolution
  • Special Plan: 77.99 TL – Four devices, 4K + HDR Resolution

The possibilities offered to users are as follows;

Basic Plan Standard Plan Special Plan
Number of screens you can watch at the same time one 2 4
Number of phones or tablets from which you can download content one 2 4
Unlimited TV shows, movies and games There is There is There is
Possibility to watch on laptop, TV, phone or tablet There is There is There is
HD resolution no There is There is
Ultra HD resolution no no There is

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