Net foreign exchange deficit of non-financial firms decreased

According to the data announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), the foreign exchange assets of non-financial companies increased by 5 billion 197 million dollars in July compared to the previous month, while their liabilities decreased by 2 billion 12 million dollars.

So clear foreign currency short position decreased by 7 billion 209 million dollars to 91 billion 272 million dollars.

When the asset distribution is analyzed, deposits in domestic banks, export receivables and direct capital investments abroad increased by 4 billion 491 million dollars, 320 million dollars and 389 million dollars, respectively, compared to the previous month.

In terms of liability distribution, cash loans obtained domestically compared to the previous month 3 billion 816 million dollar while cash loans and import debts from abroad increased by 1 billion 530 million dollars and 274 million dollars, respectively.

In domestic loans, short-term loans decreased by 927 million dollars and long-term loans decreased by 2 billion 889 million dollars.

While short-term loans from abroad decreased by 453 million dollars, long-term loans increased by 2 billion 256 million dollars.

In July, short-term assets amounted to 152 billion 58 million dollars and short-term liabilities were 83 billion 467 million dollars. The short-term net foreign exchange position surplus increased by 6 billion 188 million dollars in July compared to the previous month and reached 68 billion 592 million dollars.

The share of short-term liabilities in total liabilities was 32 percent.