Nebati’s ‘extremely scientific’ explanation fell into the language of Twitter: ‘Well done, sit down zero’

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati’s confusing statement about the economy fell into the language of Twitter: “There were men talking like that on the ferries, I didn’t understand what they were selling, but I knew not to buy it.”

Image: Twitter

Organized by the ministry today ‘Economic Transformation Summit’Speaking at the meeting, Nabati said: “The heterodox approach, which represents an epistemological break from neo-classical economic thought, gains more importance with the influence of fields such as behavioral economics and neuroeconomics, which are increasingly coming to the fore. We know that there is heterodox literature, especially in America, England, Italy, and Germany. Books are being written.”

The minister’s statements were widely shared on Twitter and became the subject of ridicule. Users of words ‘complex and meaningless’ saying that Nabati ‘what do you mean’ tried to guess.