Natural gas hidden hike shock! The ones with that model of natural gas meter burned… Another blow to millions of people after the cold weather

In the winter months, while the natural gas bills bent the back of the citizens, the hidden games in the bills were also revealed. The hidden hikes in the bills were caught in the controls of the Council of State. It was determined that the hikes, which were determined to have been made for a long time, caused unjustified enrichment for the company. Here are all the details on the subject…

Games played on natural gas bills are emerging one by one. In line with the news in Sözcü, it was stated that the hidden price games have been going on since 2018. The annulment lawsuit filed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş is cited as proof that it was stolen from the citizens with a hidden raise, with a petition written by Fetih Sayın, the prosecutor of the Council of State. Here are all the details on the subject…


While the hidden increase game in natural gas bills was revealed one by one, it was also determined that it was a long-standing process. Prosecutor Fethi Sayın wrote that the natural gas distribution company was operating the cash he received months ago by taking the money for the gas that the citizen did not sell. Emphasizing that this situation led to unjust enrichment, Mr. Sayın emphasized that the prosecutor’s findings have been on dusty shelves for 4 years since the case was not on the agenda.

In addition to this, Mr. Prosecutor drew attention to the lawsuit filed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş for the cancellation of the increase in natural gas prices purchased by citizens using the card system. Prosecutor Sayan, who commented on the lawsuit filed by President Yavaş, used the following statements:

“The subscriber pays in advance the price of the gas that he has not used and perhaps will not use for a very long time, and the administration gets the opportunity to operate it by taking the price of the goods that it has not sold yet.”


Underlining that the subscribers were deprived of the right to save, the prosecutor emphasized that the administration gained the right to operate the money. Prosecutor Fethi Sayın added that the decision of the court and the provisions of the regulation on which it was based should be annulled.



Ergün Kılıç, Secretary General of the Federation of Consumer Associations, who stated that they filed a lawsuit to cancel the regulation regarding the increase in natural gas prices in advance, stated that they were faced with the words of the Council of State that the consumers did not take sides in this business. Pointing out that the lawsuit filed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş did not start, Kılıç emphasized that the case should be concluded as soon as possible. Stressing that it is important to cancel the regulation of the natural gas company, which leads to unjust enrichment, Kılıç demanded that the unjustly collected money be returned to the consumer.