National Team shut down

National teams are the reflection of a nation’s representation on the football field. We also have a national team. Actually there was. Now we have a divided structure just like in countries where immigrant children play. What did Lukaku say? “I am Belgian while winning, immigrant when losing..”

In our case, different from the racial dimension, we have clubbing. While “our children” while winning, “player of such and such a team.”

Of course, this clubbing virus is fan-sized. Let’s come to the player size. After the Luxembourg game in Habertürk’s morning line, I said: “Look how many of our players will have ‘pain’ now and they will not go to Faroe.”

• When things go wrong..

• When the teachers are weak..

• When premiums are not paid..

• When the claim is over..

• When the target is completed..

Many of our players, especially those who are the agha pasha, ‘go for it’.

For God’s sake, do you need a teacher in order not to be defeated by the Faroe Islands?

It’s not over..

Our ‘legendary’ coach was on time

• Has anyone ever put a gun in the mouth of another teammate?

• Was there a planned and organized way of beating journalists on the plane, not at the airport or at a camp in the country? Didn’t the TFF presidents, who were insulted by that aggressive gunner, swallowed those curses?

• From the Mercedes jeep crisis to the premium bargains, has the money issue been discussed many times and by different generations?

• Was there a fight that turned into an international crisis after a national team match? Then we didn’t have a football player whose football life was ended and the whole file was completely destroyed?

It’s not over..

Hasn’t the TFF, which turned into a job and employment agency and made a job for the unqualified people seen all over the country, almost turned into a State Economic Enterprise?

• Even from the 2nd league, whose average point per game is less than 1, the names who are fired every year are not made helpers just because they are the fellow countrymen of the A team coach?

• Didn’t every “Great” technician, from the tea maker to the photographer, the communicator to the lawn maker, keep the nonsense of “I will come with my own team”?

• Didn’t our coaches before Kunt always make it to the top 5 most expensive national team coaches lists in the world?

• At the request of the TFF Presidents and administrations, and often without even knowing it, I don’t know what your brother is; the compulsion of so-and-so – the persuasion tour and the often false “This is how he wants it to be” rant and the national team duties are relative; not distributed among friends? Even non-existent missions weren’t made up?

• To Ankara instead of TFF when they heard that those who were appointed in this way would be dismissed now because they were useless; To Beylerbeyi; If they are going to 5.Levent, will it hurt if we say “TFF does not manage football”?

• The aim is not the improvement of the national team. The unemployed spouse would say to the technical man to find a job. Kuntz is the weak link. When someone else is unemployed tomorrow, won’t it be said to the person who replaces Kuntz, “Let’s eat some of this”?

• While there is a significant increase in football player exports in the country, from the carpenter to the doctor; Employees from all branches of business, from plumbers to software developers, receive offers from abroad; which of our technical directors while working abroad; For God’s sake, which one of the unemployed can I leave Europe from the Gulf and the Caucasus? Has unemployment got a little longer, there are aghas and pashas anyway..

It’s not over..

• Commentators who can’t say ‘A’ to people who once taught while they were artillery, don’t they know knives when it comes to German Kuntz and Dutch Hiddink?

• Who does not make a sound to the coach of the team that is the chainsaw in the tournament, saying “he is our fellow countryman”; Sports channel that fires 2 sentence critics! Doesn’t he try to pour concrete on Kuntz or a non-citizen?

Don’t think it’s over, dear fan. You have the biggest fault. You see all this and you know it very well. But you are still interacting with the nonsense of “Besiktas did not take Salih, all their enemies should resign” on Twitter. Derdin national team; It’s not Salih, it’s Beşiktaş.

You say “Mashallah” when Uğurcan and Eren are the worst in the Luxembourg match. Your problem is not the national team, it’s Trabzonspor.

You say, “Why isn’t Ismail playing?” 2 months ago, you were not even aware that there was an artilleryman named İsmail. Your problem is not the national team, it’s Fenerbahçe.

The Galatasaray player, who was torn so that the national team could not benefit from the player, to be given the local status; your problem is not the national team.

Let’s not fool ourselves. We do not have a national team. Our ego satisfactions, our areas of swearing at our opponents, we try to crush those who are not from our team through the national jersey. It has turned into a place to assign duties to unqualified, fellow-members, fellow countrymen, and it has nothing to do with national feelings; There is no point in carrying this structure, which consists of shaky football players. Shut it down.