Name behind priests’ target practice in Southern Cyprus: Vasilios


South CyprusIn , first, the priests were given target practice, and then Washington announced that it had lifted the arms embargo on Southern Cyprus.

The Greek Minister of Defense and deputies showed up at the shooting exercises with the weapons of the Greek army.

There is a name behind these provocative steps that escalate tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: World Vasilios, President of the Council of Orthodox Churches.

Name behind priests' target practice in Southern Cyprus: Vasilios

TRT NewsAccording to the news in Vasilios, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprusthe so-called Metropolitan of Maraş; He is the organizer of all the provocative actions to give Maraş to the Greeks.

It provides financial support to the Greek army and leads the priests to receive weapons training.


Metropolitan Vasilios has started to come to the fore more with the target practice he has participated in recently.


Vasilios is the name that enables the Greek generals to gain rank; He rewarded Major General Lukas Hadjimihail, who made the shooting exercises, and called it “normal” for the clergy to pose with guns in their hands.

Name behind priests' target practice in Southern Cyprus: Vasilios

According to experts; It is remarkable that such a name is the President of the World Council of Orthodox Churches.

The fact that people with this mentality take part in such active duties is a serious obstacle to the establishment of a joint state by Turks and Greeks on the Island.

Experts say that this mentality should not be trusted, even within established limits.