‘My wife communicates with man on the wall via infrared’

Hasna and Zeynep couple, who applied to the Esra Erol program broadcast on ATV screens, shocked everyone. Zeynep, who is 4.5 months pregnant who came to the program, said that her life partner of 8 years, father of 3 children, Hasan ruined their marriage. Hasan, who came to the studio, claimed that his wife communicated with the wall thanks to infrared.


In the program, “Your wife’s claim is this; ‘My husband’s behavior has changed. He secretly shoots my videos at home. In the videos, she claims that there is a man in the house even though we are the kids and we are at home. She’s talking to herself. My husband locks the doors when he is inside the house. He claimed that he was not in good mental health by saying, ‘He says that we are constantly being watched, that someone saw us'” and Hasan said to Esra Erol, “Did he say this himself? That’s not all, you’ll see more soon.” she replied.

Esra Erol said, “You accepted yesterday, ‘Yes, I shot a video. My wife was sleeping. I went to the toilet at that time. That’s when I went into the video recording. You said, ‘I wanted to record my wife’s movements. There was something you wanted to prove. What behavior of your wife did you want to record?” he asked.


Hasan said, “The fact that he constantly averted his eyes from me and looked at a certain part of the room made me suspicious” and the images he brought came to the screen. Hasan said, “I couldn’t see the place he looked at with the naked eye, I took a picture. I took this photo in our room. He was constantly looking at one point. So I wanted to see if there was anything wrong with that photo. I don’t see it with the naked eye. I wondered if I couldn’t see it with the naked eye. The phone’s camera is a little different, it can detect some rays,” he said.

When the images came to the screen, Zeynep said, “There is no such wall,” and Hasan said, “There is no such wall. It is not the way I see it, but it exists the way you look.”

Pointing to a point in the image, Hasan said, “When I took the first picture, it was dark. This is how the contrast setting came out on the wall when I adjusted the brightness. I did not understand before I looked. Like a deleted post, like an old wall. Then I reversed it.” He stated that the shape of a dot there is actually an image that resembles a man.


Hasan asked, “How is it normal for a person to look at his house from the place he looks at?” and said, “We can’t see this picture like this, but it means Zeynep can see it. Since he’s always looking back there. That’s what I looked at with the free app on a phone,” he said.

Zeynep, on the other hand, said, “Because he says he is constantly looking at something, I watch normal television, but he always understands differently because there is no normal thinking person in front of me.”