“My dream is a coach between Jorge Jesus and Aykut Kocaman”

In the Super League, Fenerbahce won 2-1 away from Gaziantep with the goal they found in the stoppages.

TV8.5 commentator Rıdvan Dilmen evaluated Fenerbahçe’s performance after the fight.

Ridvan Dilmen, “My dream of coaching in Fenerbahçe is with Jorge Jesus Aykut The middle of Kocaman is a coach.”

Dilmen said that the best striker in Turkey is Valencia.Enner Valencia is the best striker in Turkey. However, I think there has been a break in the relationship between Jesus and Valencia. Valencia is the best striker Fenerbahçe has had in recent years.”

“I think Samet will have trouble in Jesus’ game”

“The first match is not a measure, but I liked Samet’s calmness and passes. However, I think that Jesus will have difficulties in his game from time to time because he is not a very fast player. Alioski, for example, I don’t think is Fenerbahçe’s left-back.”

“There may be times when Jesus needs to be told ‘stop'”

“Jesus doesn’t interact with anyone. I think he has that kind of mentality. Jesus needs to be told, ‘Okay, we have nothing to say to you, but it doesn’t work without Valencia.’ There may be times when Jesus from the administration needs to be told, ‘Stop a minute’.”