‘My cousin Mustafa, are you crazy?’

If Sevres had been accepted and there had been no War of Independence, at least 50 percent of the people whom they call 99 percent Muslim today would have been under the administration of Christian states.

Have you seen a bigot discussing this alternative? Today, Turkey has reached this status as a populist and national state during the War of Independence. Draft of the sultan reiterating that he accepted Sèvres until the end Mehmet Vahdettinneither a Fatih nor a Selim III, nor a 3. Ahmet what a 2. Abdulhamid‘Truck. He is a poor man with his knees bent, who dreams of being a sultan in Sinop or Kastamonu. For Vahdettin, Istanbul, Bursa, Edirne, Diyarbakir, Trabzon, Urfa, Adana were not as important as the sultanate. Had he committed suicide would have done a better job.

What this man said during the War of Independence are interesting betrayal documents that show in which hands the empire was destroyed.

The Ottoman sultan was born on 30 March 1919, the British High Commissioner, Admiral. ThorpeHe suggested that the Ottoman country be a British colony for 15 years. Can a citizen in Turkey bring this to mind today?


But this bankruptcy was not only the disease of the sultan and his entourage. For some, who were among those gathered in Ankara, this colonial desire was seen as a solution.

He was proposing to imperialist England the role of savior and protector of the Islamic caliphate. probably in the history of the world No statesman would make such a humiliating concession to save his own fur. didn’t think. The Ottoman sultan, who was a mockery for the British government, thought of nothing but bribing the country’s lands to the British and saving his coat.

Can anyone imagine anyone who would sacrifice Southern Anatolia, Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey today? A more humiliating process cannot be imagined to describe how low the Ottoman Empire had fallen. However, it is possible to understand those who spoke against the War of Independence in this context.


Anatolian resistance and its completion revolutions are the greatest national epic of the 20th century. In this epic, he is a person who does not believe in the sacrifice, courage and great power of faith of the Turkish nation in sacrificing his life, and is unaware of the world. Mustafa KemalAs always said with wise humility “Salvation belongs to the whole nation”!

At that time Lloyd George and Winston ChurchillThe British policy, which is the spokesperson of , is a vile application of imperialist domination technique. Lloyd George, instead of the British army, which he could not use in the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, was caught in the dream of Megali Idea. Greeks as tools and sacrifices used as.

According to Lloyd George, these lands could not be left to the Turks, when Southern Anatolia was invaded, “We will not feel sorry for Turkey” he said. He was a definite anti-Turk and anti-Islam. The British accepted the defeat of the Greek army as a British defeat. Churchill was saying that after the War of Independence, the Turks could not be allowed to pass to the northern shores of the Marmara. At that time, who wanted to pray for the Greek army, Perverted mullahs like Ali Rustu has also emerged.


The saz faslı in Istanbul has several players. Chief among these Refik Halit Thinking that Ankara will never be successful “My cousin Mustafa, are you crazy?” says. Admittedly, this is a stupid judgment. The whole nation was doing the war. Mustafa Kemal was just the leader.

In Anatolia, tens of thousands of barefoot soldiers and peasant women die on the battlefield, and as the Greeks burn countless Turkish cities and villages, it is difficult to find such a ruler whose only concern is his own throne.

Turkey will not see such a manager again! Let those who talk about the Ottoman Empire think about it!


Note: I summarized this article from a 2013 article by Doğan Kuban.

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