Mustafa Balbay : The ring of fire around us…

When you follow the developments in foreign policy as news one by one, they seem like independent events. When you look at the map and combine the events, a different picture emerges.

The NATO-Russia war, which started in Ukraine on February 24, is now in its seventh month. We see that Ukraine, which was a keystone in the collapse of the Soviet Union, has become the hot front of a new cold war 30 years later. Turkey is the main country that can provide dialogue between Ukraine and Russia within the framework of its Black Sea neighbourhood. The Montreux ground is strong enough to bear it.

Frontline officer of the US House of Representatives as the hot situation in the north of the Black Sea reaches the nuclear threat Nancy Pelosi On September 18, he went to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It electrified the nerve endings of Turkey and Azerbaijan and left. Just before this visit, on September 13, Armenia attacked Azerbaijan, 50 soldiers were martyred according to official statements. Or was this attack, Armenia’s welcome shots against Pelosi?


What is happening in Iran, just below Armenia, is not surprising. The social sciences say:

He who sows obedience reaps rebellion!

The Iranian women’s revolution stolen in 1980 is coming back, even if it’s as much as a hair!

The visible and invisible face of the events in Iran is the subject of a separate article. However, it is a fact that the Khomeinists, who aimed to expel the regime when they came to power, are concerned about protecting the regime today. Even the fact that the protest demonstrations that completely surrounded some cities bring to mind undermining the integrity of Iran shows that we will be watching more news about this country, where our borders have not changed since the Treaty of Kasrışirin in 1639.

In Iraq, after the riots in 2019, it was rebuilt. “Civil War is Coming” There are developments that raise the question. After every election since 2011, the country has been plunged into internal turmoil. One of the leading political movements Sadr‘s withdrawal from parliament increased the chaos. It is very difficult for the elections to bring peace in this country. Because there are no parties established according to political ideas and goals. There are movements based on origins. If they can’t come out of the election strong, they are trying to come out strong after the election!

When we look at this picture, we inevitably come to mind the promise made by the USA when it invaded Iraq in March 2003:

Endless democracy and freedom!

They must have achieved their goal; The US has achieved the freedom of endless intervention and determination in Iraq!

Where in Syria should it hold?

The civil war that has been going on for 11 years also means the tension between Turkey and Syria, which has been going on for 11 years. At the end of the process that led to the devastation of Syria and the migration of 6 million citizens to Turkey, it was officially announced that the intelligence chiefs of the two countries held talks. one of Syria “communication” The weight of the head of intelligence, who is said to be of Turkish origin, is of particular importance.

On top of all this, we complete the circle with the Aegean. Occupying the uninhabited islands of Turkey in the Aegean since 2004, Greece is arming the other large islands with the support of the USA. 18 years later “suddenly” We decided to react.


Turkey, which is in the middle of the circle of fire we have drawn above, is affected by all the developments for many reasons. Some have economic, some have security, some have strategic effects.

Worse still, many of these events around us are in danger of directly engulfing us.

Since the government likes to play with fire, it also belongs to the ring of fire. “what size does it work for me” he approaches.

As we emphasized at the beginning, events that seem independent from each other have two common dimensions:

1- It is around Turkey and it directly affects us.

2- The decisive actor in almost all of them is the USA.

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