Mustafa Balbay : The life of AKP!

News from the international arena shows that the question is still hooked:

Has the expiration date of AKP rule expired or will a new crediting period begin?

The question is very tricky…

Let’s continue with the news from the last 10 days:

Saudi Arabia’s finance minister said that countries such as Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt should be financially protected. He emphasized the need to ensure stability in these countries.

Russian foreign minister, Erdogan’at the request of Assad’He announced that he would meet with her.

The Halkbank case in the USA will continue to hang over the AKP government like Damocles’ sword. Instead of seeking law in this case, the USA is planning to keep Erdoğan under its control.


The picture above brought to our minds the days when the AKP government was on its way.

Erdogan was the then US President without any official state responsibility. bush’talked to him. The US needed a Turkish administration that would stand by it unconditionally in the invasion of Iraq.

It was very painful, but it happened…

The fact that the famous bill of March 1, 2003 was not passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly created a serious problem, but the following opinion came to the fore:

Continuing to use the AKP power instead of sweeping it into the hole!

“Sweeping in the hole” Evaluation of the people within the AKP responsible for relations with the USA, not ours…

The same is true with the European Union (EU). The EU wanted to keep Turkey at arm’s length. He will punch when necessary and shake hands when necessary.

This was also very painful, but it happened…

The EU made the AKP do what they wanted from Turkey.

AKP also used the EU as gloves and ladders until 2008. The rationale was ready when many state institutions were emptied:

The EU wants it that way!

The global economic structure generally got what it wanted from the AKP.

The state’s pharmaceutical factories were closed, multinational companies dominated the entire market.

Paper mills were closed and sold. Today, we have become foreign dependent on paper.

In 21 years, 1 trillion dollars came to Turkey from abroad, our value of 3 trillion dollars belonged to foreigners.


It is possible to increase the above examples…

As for today…

The international structure seems to have made its decision to walk with the AKP. says:

We can still get the best AKP-type government to do what we want!

Foreign support is important for a government. The AKP government has used this very well. So much so that even when external support decreases “They are jealous of us” He produced the policy of saying no!

What was said behind the scenes and what was said in front of the curtain were very different.

Final note:

The AKP government always preferred the latter when the interests of Turkey and the interests of the AKP came face to face!