Mustafa Balbay : The language of centuries…

The fifteenth century, after we lay out the historical past of the world in pillars “Ottoman century” might be marked as

prof. Dr. Halil Inalcik, He divides Ottoman historical past into six elements:

Institution, rise, turning into a world state, stagnation, decline, collapse…

Fatih Sultan Mehmet’The annexation of Istanbul to the imperial lands in 1453 modified not solely the historical past of the area but in addition the historical past of the world. It opened an period, closed an period. Fatih’s conquest of Istanbul is among the highest durations of narrative richness in our historical past.

After the destruction after the 1402 Battle of Ankara, the empire was renewed on the finish of the fifteenth century. Piri Reis’reached the entire energy to boost the

The Ottoman’s turning its again on scientific developments, lacking the Industrial Revolution that began within the 1760s, created the abyss whose ache we nonetheless expertise at this time.


The sixteenth century stood out because the Portuguese century. Vasco da Gama’The age of discoveries that rose after the south of Africa made means for the south of Africa weakened the ability of the Ottomans in and across the area. Having obtained colonies in Latin America, Africa and Asia, Portugal additionally unfold its language. As we speak, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Within the seventeenth century, the Netherlands got here to the fore. Its overwhelming energy within the Republic of South Africa and India has made the Netherlands the dominant energy of this century. Corporations primarily based on the ability of the Netherlands at the moment keep a world presence.

Within the 18th century, Spain rose. The infrastructure for this was supplied by the prevalence within the seas, the scientific depth introduced by the printing press, and the ambition to be forward within the colonial race.

The title of the Philippines is the Second King of Spain. Philip’it comes from. Spanish, which was on the rise at the moment, is the language of greater than 20 nations at this time.

nineteenth century England. It has unfold to all of the continents of the world, “the empire on which the solar by no means units” took the title. Because the spherical world continued to spin, there was all the time a shiny spot on the lands of England, 24 hours a day. From the tip of the sixteenth century, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain rose competitively, reaching an space of ​​34 million sq. kilometers within the nineteenth century. That was near 1 / 4 of the world’s landmass.

The English added language to this greatness. The British are the largest within the final 500 years “of their wealth” They offer the next reply to the query:


The twentieth century was a interval wherein the USA was the decisive energy. The USA, which met the First and Second World Wars outdoors its territory and gained the best features, turned an efficient energy within the improvement of the period. Within the improvement of vehicles, airplanes and computer systems, it performed a number one position in naming our age because the “communication age” in addition to being the engine energy.

Within the late Nineties, the USA formed its projections for the 2000s as follows:

New American century!


As for at this time…

First, the CHP, on the best way to the a hundredth anniversary of the Republic “second century” launched the definition. Lastly, the Palace “Turkey century” tried to create a brand new pleasure by discovering the idea of concrete-weighted initiatives.

Every of the centuries now we have summarized above accommodates volumes of narrative. These nations “century” He carried the adjective not as a periodical political outlet, however as an influence born from the buildup of a long time. This consists of every part from bloody colonialism to the best use of science.

We might actually make the twenty first century the century of Turkey. However we missed the primary quarter of this prepare. These aren’t issues to begin off with saying, “The century is ours in direction of the election”. This prepare departed in 1992. Two-thirds of the 30 years wasted is the AKP authorities’s invoice.

AKP received Turkey off the prepare of civilization, it’s making an attempt to resolve the place to place it on.

We’ll proceed tomorrow…