Mustafa Balbay : Erdogan-Assad meeting in Moscow…

It seems that a critical period has been entered in the preparations for a 180-degree turn in relations with Syria, which started a few months ago. The meeting, which started between the two countries at the level of intelligence officers, is progressing step by step towards the highest stage.

On December 29, Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar’la Syrian Minister of Defense Ali Mahmoud Abbas Russian counterparts Sergey Shoigu He met in Moscow. Head of MIT Hakan Fidan’Following this meeting, which was also attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the previous day, Mevlut Cavusoglu He announced that they will meet with their Syrian and Russian counterparts in Moscow at the beginning of February.

It is clear where these developments are going. President after foreign ministers Erdogan’the President of Syria Assad will meet. Unless there is a change at the last moment, this meeting is planned to be in Moscow. For this Putin’Among the unconventional backstages of the Ankara corridors promised by Erdogan to Erdogan!


While Erdogan talks about the benefits of going back to 2011 in relations with Syria, “negotiation condition” it doesn’t.

Assad is not like that!

We see from the public statements that Assad agrees to meet with Erdogan on two basic conditions:

1- Turkey should completely withdraw its military presence in Syria.

2- Turkey should stop supporting activities against the Syrian government.

Assad too “condition” After you get to the point of explaining, this means that this meeting will happen. Moreover, after Putin, who assumed the most important role in Assad’s survival, requested this meeting, the rest is protocol work.

We emphasize the process that started with the entry of 300 Syrians from Hatay Yayladağı to Turkey on April 29, 2011. Today, let’s mainly invest the future in the column…

In order to untie the knots that are stacked on top of each other, it is necessary to start from the top knot. If the most important knot is in the middle, if you leave everything aside and say that you will only untie that knot, you will have tied another knot.

The leaders of the two countries need to start work with mutual trust and without intervening a third country. Otherwise, the shadow of the third country will fall on the negotiations. It seems that the two leaders will now meet under the mediation of Putin. It is not possible to say anything about the continuation at this stage.


Syria has become a mountain of nodes, in which all poles join, from regional countries to global actors. As we have emphasized above, the international dimension of the issue should be kept as balanced as possible, away from the shadow of third countries.

Again, one of the knots standing at the top is the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which Turkey supports with everything. As Erdoğan says that dialogue can be established with the Damascus regime, the FSA stirs at the border. The FSA is not a regular army with ranks, as Turkish public understands it. It is not possible to say exactly the number of heterogeneous groups in it. First of all this “your army” You have to decide how to dampen it.

Let’s not get into the Syrians in Turkey… This is an issue that will be discussed in parallel with the bridge between Ankara and Damascus.

As a result, towards the spring months, a process in which the Erdogan-Assad meeting could be held was entered. It is a very difficult art to produce such intricate problems with a country where you have the longest border!

Regardless, the solution is good to start with!

We wish not to be sacrificed to the selection process!