Murat Sancak: “Galatasaray took Mauro Icardi”

Adana Demirspor Club President Murat SancakHe made statements in the program he participated in A Spor.

Sancak said about the Mauro Icardi transfer, which is on Galatasaray’s agenda, “Galatasaray will announce today, I guess, these are very special players who have taken Mauro Icardi.” said.

Saying that coach Montella wanted Batshuayi, Murat Sancak said, “Montella wanted Michy Batshuayi. At the beginning of the season, he said to us, ‘It would be good if we could get it.’ They wanted 6 million Euros from us. Fenerbahce If he bought it for 3 million Euros, it means he did a successful job.”

Adana Demirspor Club President Murat Sancak also spoke about the Italian star Mario Balotelli, who was transferred to Sion. “The person who made Vargas Vargas is Mario Balotelli. He is not late for training for a single day. He is a very special player. I wouldn’t want him to go. If he wanted to stay, I would want to work for 3 more years.” said.

“Dzyuba is a very special player.” Sancak said, “He hasn’t been touched by the ball for 4 months. He only took part in the camp for 2 days. That’s why he needs time. He met with Fenerbahçe before we did. He had to go there.” he said.

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