Mufti elections will be held in 83 mosques in Xanthi


In election, Xanthi Mufti Training Branch Manager Mustafa Trampa and Xanthi Mufti Personnel Manager Mustafa Kamo are competing. Speaking to Hürriyet about today’s election, Mustafa Trampa called on members of the minority to come to mosques and participate in the election. Trampa, all the news against the minority in the Greek press West ThraceHe said that he disturbed the peace of the people. Mustafa Kamo also noted that if he is elected, he will work for the unity and solidarity of the Muslim Turkish minority of Xanthi.

Ibrahim Sharif


İbrahim Şerif, who has been elected mufti of Komotini for 32 years, said, “The minority does not want the muftis appointed by the Greek state. Ahmet MeteThe attendance of more than 10 thousand people to the funeral of . The religious autonomy of the Muslim Turkish minority of Western Thrace was determined by the 1913 Athens Treaty and guaranteed by the 1923 Lausanne Treaty. However, based on a law passed in 1991, Greece took away the minority’s right to elect their own religious leaders. Western Thrace Turks, who do not recognize the muftis appointed by Athens, have been electing their own muftis by voting in mosques for 32 years. Athens, which does not recognize the elected muftis, appoints its own muftis.


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