More than 30 million doses of Kovid-19 vaccines may be thrown away in France

30 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine may go to waste

In France, it was stated that there is a risk of throwing away more than 30 million doses of Kovid-19 vaccine, whose expiration date is approaching, because there is not enough vaccine.

According to the news of Express magazine, the High Health Board (HAS) called on the public to vaccinate so that the Kovid-19 vaccines, whose expiration dates are not thrown away, are not thrown away.

In the country, where the number of people vaccinated against Kovid-19 has fallen to around 20 thousand per day, 1.85 million bottles of Moderna and 1.7 million bottles of Pfizer brand vaccines more than 30 million doses are approaching, despite the government’s efforts, they still have not been made.

HAS recommended the use of these Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which are approved by the European Medicines Agency and also valid for the Omicron variant, as soon as possible.

Although the Board does not want Pfizer and Moderna’s first generation Kovid-19 vaccines to be made as a priority during this campaign period, these vaccines will continue to be made until the arrival and approval process of bivalent mRNA vaccines is completed.

On the other hand, Pfizer France Vaccine Director David Lepoittevin suggested that vaccines that are approaching the expiration date should be donated to countries with low vaccine rates so that they do not go to waste.

Switzerland had recently destroyed 10.3 million doses of Kovid-19 vaccine, worth 294 million euros, whose expiration date has expired.

* The image of the news was served from AA.