Moments when King Charles got angry were caught on camera

King Charles III, who took the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, was photographed getting angry that the ink of the pen he used in a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland, where he went to visit, was leaking.


Live-streamed video of his visit to Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland today shows King Charles III saying that after his visit, he mistakenly entered September 12 in the guest book instead of September 13.

King Charles III, after reminding his wife Camilla that she signed the wrong date, said, “I can’t stand this damn thing.” said.

In the video, it was seen that King Charles III left the room after getting ink on his hand and his wife Camilla signed the book.

While King Charles III was signing at the enthronement ceremony, he was seen instructing his assistants to empty his place on the table with an angry expression, and these moments became the agenda on social media.