Mircea Lucescu announced Fenerbahce’s offer! ‘I couldn’t let it go’

UEFA Champions League qualifying and UEFA Europa League groups FenerbahceImportant statements came from Mircea Lucescu, the coach of Dynamo Kiev, which is competing with .

Previously, the National Team in our country, Galatasaray and BesiktasLucescu, who runs .


Answering a question about not leaving Dynamo Kiev despite the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, Lucescu said, “Why did I refuse to leave? I cannot betray these people.”


Lucescu continued his words, “Fenerbahce wanted to sign a contract with me, but I did not accept it. This is my place. I could not let Kiev down.”

Reminding Roberto De Zerbi, who left Shakhtar Donetsk, Lucescu replied, “He is young and has made his decision. In the last two years, other foreign coaches have also left the Ukrainian teams. When I worked in Shakhtar Donetsk, I experienced this in 2014.”


After Fenerbahçe left the field with a 2-1 victory in the Europa League group match played in Kadıköy, Lucescu said, “I congratulate Fenerbahçe, but they should not play like this at European levels. They fouled too much. My players were hospitalized. My goalkeeper was injured.”


If Jesus Lucescu“What Dynamo Kiev wanted to do in the first half was to stop us with tactical fouls. In the 25th minute, their goalkeepers started to waste their time. In football, this should not happen. I don’t know if this is the case in Ukraine, but the players should not do this. Much respect for Lucescu. He is a name that has proven his quality as a coach, but I can give him some advice, he can look at the statistics of the match. Dynamo Kyiv constantly tried to stop Fenerbahçe by fouling.”

Also, Jorge Jesus, Dynamo Kyiv He had reacted to goalkeeper Georgiy Bushchan with his actions after the match.

Speaking at the press conference, the experienced technical man said, “I wanted to tell the goalkeepers that you can lie down as much as you want, not with words but with hand signals.” He explained in his words the reason for his reaction.