Minister Varank: Our exports broke a record

Creation Date: September 15, 2022 17:19

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “Our exports increased by 18.3 percent in the January-August period, exceeding 156 billion dollars, breaking a record. Hopefully, we will exceed our target of 250 billion dollars by the end of the year.”


Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varankattended the MillTech Istanbul Milling Machinery Technologies and Sub-Industry Fair Opening Ceremony. Speaking at the opening of the fair held at the Istanbul Expo Center in Bakırköy, Minister Varank said, “We have proudly witnessed the power and dynamism of our private sector in all of these fairs. The only MillTech fair we opened today is of great importance in terms of showing the level the sector has reached. This place is of great importance. This fair, where more than 120 brands will exhibit their products, also includes many innovative technologies.


Minister Varank said, “While the world has not yet come out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, it is now trying to grapple with the ensuing political events and wars. When the energy crises are added to the disruption in the supply chains, the wheels of the world economy have come to a standstill. However, despite all these negativities, we are trying to implement proactive policies under the leadership of our President so that our country will be affected at the minimum level. export Thanks to our focused economy policy, the wheels of our industry continue to work, thank goodness.”



“There is no doubt that we will come out of this process stronger, together,” said Minister Varank, “Here are the numbers. Our exports increased by 18.3 percent in the January-August period, exceeding 156 billion dollars, breaking a record. Hopefully by the end of the year. “We will have passed the 250 billion dollars we targeted. With more than 30 million jobs, the unemployment rate was 10.1 percent. Our industrial production increased by 2.4 percent annually in July. We will see a recovery in industrial production with August,” he said.

Minister Varank continued his words as follows: “Today, when you look at the key issues, the world starts counting everyone as number one is energy and number two is food. We are the second largest pasta producer in the world. I visited a Japanese company in Ankara. It exports its entire product to Japan. Even a single package of the product does not sell in Turkey. I asked them. I said, ‘Why did you choose Turkey? I mean, if you never sell to Turkey, they have a serious investment. Why are they moving from Turkey to Japan? are you doing?’ They said, “We can’t find the workforce here in any other part of the world. We can’t find the machinery, equipment and support here in any other country. But most importantly, the world’s best quality wheat is grown in Turkey. Durum wheat. Since we can’t find it anywhere else, we can’t find it anywhere else.” We are investing here”

After his speech, Minister Varank opened the fair with a ribbon cutting. Then he toured the stands of the companies in the fair.