Mine Tugay, who played in The Kingfisher, told how she was a victim of aesthetics

The change in the face of Mine Tugay, who participated as a guest actor in the Seahorse TV series, turned social media against each other.

Star TV’s popular series KingfisherIncluded as a guest actor in the cast of Mine BrigadeThe last version of ‘ was on the agenda on social media. Tugay made a statement on the subject and said that he had a health problem.

lead roles Afra Saracoglu, Mert Ramazan Demir and Cetin Tekindor’Orhan Korhan’s ex-girlfriend to the Yalı Capricorn series shared by “Bay” Actress Mine Tugay was the guest of her character.

The image of Mine Tugay, who appeared before the audience with the role of Defne in the promotion of the 16th episode of the Kingfisher, became the agenda in the social media. It was claimed that Tugay had plastic surgery.

‘I’ve had a health problem for 12 years’

The famous actor also broke his silence on the subject. 44-year-old Mine Tugay, who made a statement from her Instagram account, “Since everyone has talked, I thought I’d talk too. Dear friends, I have been having a health problem with my left eye for 12 years” said.

‘I had an operation’

Brigade’s words “I had to have a few surgeries after a timely filled filling froze under my left eye, and there are occasional swellings and collapses in that area. This is the last time I had an operation due to a cyst formed there and I am undergoing cortisone treatment.” he continued.

“Some of my scenes unfortunately coincided with his swelling. A filter was applied to reflect this to the audience as well.” said Mine Tugay, “But conversations that have come down to aesthetic addiction. No, it’s not like that. This is health. I hope no one goes through this difficult process that I went through. I mean relax, I’m recovering and my morale is high. I have received your good wishes already. Much love. It is really sad that such false speeches are made without knowing the truth. Anyway, there is a bomb episode in the evening. I say watch it” used the phrases.