Mimics of King Charles III became the agenda

Mimics of King Charles III became the agenda

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, her son Charles became the new king of the country, St. It was officially announced at the traditional ceremony held at St. James’s Palace.

Privy Counselors Prince William, Charles’ wife Camilla, the country’s former prime ministers Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair attended the swearing-in ceremony, which was broadcast live on television for the first time.

At the ceremony, Charles’ gesture to the official to take the pens when there was no room left on the table while he was going to sign the official documents regarding the proclamation of the new king was on the agenda of social media.

When the documents covered the table and could not move freely, King Charles asked the attendant in the hall to remove the pencils by clenching his teeth this time.

Images of Charles’ hand gestures and facial expressions were shared by many social media users, and the images were viewed millions of times and criticized by many.

Social media users commented that the new King Charles did not even bother to remove the pens from the table and that these movements did not suit the king.

On the other hand, some users evaluated that Charles acted in this way because of the sadness that he had just lost his mother.

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