Migros discount wave continues! Sunflower oil, red meat, white meat, granulated sugar, cheese, egg and milk prices crashed! 14 September Migros discount list

Migros discount craze continues. Defying its rivals such as the shock A101 Carrefour BİM, Migros lowered the prices again this week. All products on sale at Migros are in our news…

Migros Market is getting ready to meet the consumers again with its legendary prices. The famous Market chain, which always sells with an affordable price guarantee, has started to sell Sunflower oil, Red meat and white meat products at a discount. Moreover, I’m just saying that’s all Migros’s 50% discount on all basic food products has started. Labels have changed as of this morning and are now on sale. So, which products have discounts at Migros today? How much were the prices of sunflower oil, red meat, white meat, eggs, cheese and milk in Migros Market? September 14 Migros discounted products price list is in our news…

Migros Market continues to meet consumers with huge discounts. With inflation and, of course, falling purchasing power, citizens have difficulty in meeting even their basic food needs, while Migros, one of the most established supermarket chains, continues to serve the citizens with its economical prices. Products with Migros campaigns are intensively researched by consumers today, as they do every day. So, which products are on sale at Migros today? What’s on the Migros September 14, 2022 discount list? Migros sunflower oil, red meat, white meat, egg, cheese and milk prices are in our news…


Price tags were changed at Migros as of this morning. The famous Market Chain, which sells every day with an affordable price guarantee, offers an extra discount special for today. Sunflower oil, white meat and red meat are on Migros’ discount list today. Well, how much was the price of the products that were discounted at Migros? Migros 14 September 2022 discounted products price list is as follows;

1 L Sip Sunflower Oil 35.90 TL

2 L Crane Sunflower Oil Pet 69.90 TL

3 L Orchid Sunflower Oil Pet 119.50 TL

4 L Crane Sunflower Oil Pet 129.90 TL


In addition to discounts on sunflower oil, Migros offers great discounts on products such as white meat and red meat. Today’s price list of Migros is as follows;

750 G Large Sauteed Turkey Legs 51.90 TL

750 G Large Turkey Sliced ​​Breast 51.90 TL

300 G Lezita Sausage Mozzarella Filled Crispy Chicken Balls price: 21.90 TL

Beypiliç Fillet Kg price: 71,12 TL

Banvit Chicken Tenderloin Kg price: 78.32 TL

Beypiliç Chops Kg price: 57.52 TL

Şenpiliç Chops Kg price: 58.32 TL

Banvit Chicken Chops Kg price: 57.52 TL

Veal Roast Meat Kg price: 135.96 TL

Veal Roast Meat Local Kg price: 155.98 TL

Veal Leg Stone Kebab Meat Farm Kg price: 139,19 TL

Veal Leg Stone Kebab Meat Local Kg price: 163.84 TL

Veal Leg Sauteed Meat Farm Kg price: 140.04 TL

Veal Leg Sauteed Meat Local Kg price: 164.69 TL

Beef Stragonoff Kg (But Meat): 141.53 TL

Veal Stragonoff Meat Local Kg price: 165,54 TL

Veal Trance Kg (But Meat) price: 141.53 TL

Veal Trance Local Kg price 165.54 TL

Veal Nuar Kg price: 137.49 TL

Veal Nuar Local Kg price: 162.78 TL

Beef Bone Steak (T-Bone) Kg price: 175,90 TL

Lamb Shish with Vegetables Kg price: 29.90 TL

Today is the last day for Migros sunflower oil, red and white meat discounts. For this reason, it is expected that there will be a density in Migros Market branches. If you want to take advantage of discounted product opportunities, be quick.