Microsoft accidentally shared the Windows 12 interface

Microsoft shared images of the Windows 12 interface at a conference that took place the other day. Preliminary information has emerged for the Windows 12 design, which will be released two years later, in 2024. So, what are the innovations in the Windows 12 interface that Microsoft will release in 2024? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

In Windows 12, the taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen.

Microsoft ‘accidentally’ shared the Windows 12 interface at the Ignite 2022 event it held recently. In this way, the company also satisfied the curiosity of those who were waiting for the design.

Windows 12 interface drawn by Windows Central

Since the Windows 12 interface is not completely clear in the image that Microsoft accidentally shared, Windows Central drew to be faithful to the design. For this reason, the image above reflects the interface drawn by Windows Central, which is very similar to it, not the accidentally shared image of Windows 12.

Windows 11 notebook feature leaked!

Windows 11 notebook feature leaked!

According to a post accidentally shared by a Microsoft employee on Twitter, the Windows 11 notebook will be updated. Here are the details…

In the new design, the taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen. System icons appear in the upper-right corner and weather in the upper-left corner. The floating search menu is located in the middle-upper part of the screen. On the other hand, Windows 12 will be made suitable for touch devices. This will be the main goal of the technology giant to maximize the user experience in the new operating system.

Windows 12 interface accidentally shared by Microsoft

On the other hand, Microsoft is still working on the Screen Recording and Notepad feature for Windows 11. In a social media post recently, the image that shared the Notepad feature appeared.

What do you readers think about this? What are the innovations you expect and think should be for Windows 12? You can express your views in the Comments section.