Mesut Ozil quits football! | English

Allegedly, the star player ended his football career.

It was claimed that Mesut Özil, who transferred from Fenerbahçe to Başakşehir, ended his professional football career.

It was reported that the star football player announced to his close circle that he would no longer play football.

Özil had recently undergone an operation.

What was said?

White Football YouTube Ertem Şener, a sports announcer broadcasting on the TV channel, said the following about Özili:

“Let’s come to the headline of the day… Mesut Özil, whom I love very much, loved by world football, who did great things in Real Madrid, Arsenal, Schalke, and whom we look up to, said goodbye to football.

“You can enter at the last minute. Mesut Özil told his close circle that he will not play football anymore. He said that he was both injured and mentally tired.

“Now he has put an end to his football career. Mesut Özil was a very important value for world football.

How many matches has Mesut Özil played in Başakşehir?

The world-famous football player, who was transferred to Medipol Başakşehir after failing to deliver what was expected in Fenerbahçe, played only three matches in an orange-dark blue jersey.

Özil was unable to contribute goals or assists in the aforementioned matches.